Checkout Center

Who Can Checkout Equipment?

The checkout center serves the Reich College of Education community. Students need to be currently enrolled in a course in the college of education.  

Before You Come By

The checkout center is located in the back left of RCOE 142A. This room is also used as a classroom so if a class is in session feel free to come on in. Before you can check out or reserve equipment, you will need to read and sign the "User Guide and Policies" and turn in the last page to the Checkout Center. If you are looking to reserve classrooms or seminar rooms, please go to to use the R25 portal.

List of Resources and Permissions - (Google Sheet)

User Guide and Policies - (Google Doc)

Patron Portal


Use the Patron Portal to
make reservations and keep track of your allocations. 

Access the Patron Portal. Note: You will be connected to a separate site.

Need help? Learn how to use the Patron Portal. If you think you should have access to the Patron Portal but do not, please contact